If you are in volunteer management in Australia, you may have heard of the Way2Go Volunteer Management Toolkit developed by the Albury Wodonga Resource Bureau and Hume Primary Care Partnership.  The Toolkit alone has leen used by over 850 volunteer managers to mange over 8000 volunteers. Jemma Toohey, the Manager of the Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau has been a key figure in the development and updating of this resource.  She has over 25 years’ experience in volunteering – both as a volunteer and in managing volunteers.

Listen to Jemma as she tells of her personal experiences and shares practical tips for successfully managing volunteers.

It is finally ready! Welcome to the 2016 on line Way2Go National training program. This link http://awvrb.ispringlearn.com/view/15623-579Wd-TBcqg-ReW0h  will take you to an amazing introduction that will motivate and excite anyone that works with volunteers.  This product is fully mobile and IPad compatible.

The entire package includes:

·         145 minutes of self-paced interactive training ( divided into 12 sections)

·         Fully downloadable hard copy toolkit

·         Fully downloadable templates for you to convert

Please be aware that you will need to pay a new user fee of $297.00 plus GST $29.70 and you will be able to access the program once you payment has been approved.Follow this link http://vrb.org.au/?page_id=1429  for invoicing and payment advice.

Updates will be charged at $50.00 in February 2017 if requested.

I know you will not be disappointed with this fantastic resource currently acknowledged by the NSW State Government,


Jemma Toohey