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We can't avoid it.  Technology meets marketing in community organisations when we access the internet.  There are 15m Facebook users in Australia.  What does that mean for your organisation?  Does your website attract and convert clients?  Investing in online media could make a big difference to your visibility and reach. Take the stress out of keeping your web site and social media up to date. 

We will work with you to develop  your website, and train you how to maintain the site yourself.We won't own your passwords.  We won't own your website but we WILL support you to use your web presence effectively and get results.

We also provide social media training and can teach you how to make engaging content and how to boost your content to reach your target market and get more followers and leads for your website.

From website design to training to engagement to maintenance, contact us NOW to discuss your needs.

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Technology in the workplace

The potential of technology in the workplace is without bounds.   Better record keeping, better communication, reduced travel costs  - all examples of improvements technology can make to the bottom line.  Yet for many managers, technology is still an out there phenomenon.  We'll work with you over time to learn and introduce cost effective solutions into your organisations and take the fear out of information technology.


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We don't all learn the same way.  We may be audio, visual or kinesthetic learners.  We may not enjoy or have time for learning in the class room.  If you're looking to introduce e-learning options for your staff or students, we can mentor you through the options and alternatives available.

We have been involved in e-learning for over 15 years and have been actively involved in reviewing online Toolbox resources as well as working with business and not-for-profits to introduce e-learning platforms.

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How to introduce information technology into your workplace

Two years ago I came across a business that had bought a set of iPads with a vision of using them for better record keeping and communication.  They threw them in the cupboard.   Nobody wanted to use them.  They didn’t know how to use them.  The employer had a workforce that was frightened – not just frightened about technology, but also about how it would impact on their jobs.  

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