• Committee Management

    Beyond Complacency

    A free e-report based on real life experiences of committees that outwardly looked in-the-know and on top of the game, only to fall apart, some times in a blaze of glory, even going as far as dividing communities in the aftermath; situations which could have been avoided with afore-thought, robust policies and systems, and better accountability.  If any of this reading seems to ring true with you, contact us for a free 20 minute appraisal.



  • partnerships

    Essential Guide to Community Partnerships


    Are you about to launch into a community partnership with one or more partners

    Are you already in a partnership and something is not quite right, but you’re not sure what or how things came to this point

    Or are you interested in how partnerships work?

    In this book  you will learn:

     How to build a strong foundation so that your partnership survives the strongest of challenges

     How to identify the kind of partnership you are involved in and what community to expect from partners

     How to take things to the next level at a pace that partners are comfortable with

     How to use different partnership models to save dollars, build clients and increase your financial sustainability

  • The Intuitive Marketer


    This book explores twenty marketing principles that are as relevant today as they were thirty years ago. Pat has experienced a unique journey, including success in a pan-European niche market, then making the number one mistake that cost her three years of business growth, and first-hand experience of technology’s impact on marketing.