Develop and Map Your Systems

What happens when you're not there or when a staff member is sick off work for longer than expected?  Do you have systems, written procedures and trained people to step in to cover the gaps?  

Could your communication be better structured? 

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Audit-proof your systems

A healthy organisation invests in a culture of continuous improvement.  Circumstances don’t stay the same indefinitely so can your quality systems change with the times?  Are there any weak links and how can they the identified and addressed quickly without causing too much damage?

Let us carry out a quality systems audit for you?  We’ll identify areas for improvement and help you put together and monitor a continuous improvement plan.

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Policies, Procedures and Processes

No organisation operates perfectly – there’s always room for improvement. Your policies, procedures and processes are the machinery sets your organisation apart from others.

You don’t know the value of policies, procedures and processes until something devastating happens. That’s when you realise the difference having them in place could have made or when you appreciate the guidelines and instructions you work within..   Having them in place could save thousands of dollars in legal costs.  Not having them in place may result in financial costs and liability.

Contact us for support in updating your policies and procedures.  We have extensive sample templates from which to customise to your organisational needs.

We're also available to help you put your policies and procedure manual together.  We’ll also help you map your processes.

We’ve covered policies and procedures, but what about your processes?  Are they in place?  Could they be more efficient?  Less costly?  Are they systematic?  Do your documentation and procedures support your processes?  Are your staff, committee members and volunteers trained to use the processes properly?

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