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You’ve been given a project to manage.  It may involve staff or volunteers.  You’re keen, your people are keen, but you don’t want to lose credibility or momentum.  It’s important to you that this project is a success.  Your community depends on you.  Your projects may focus on engaging vulnerable members of the community or you may be managing projects with community partners.

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Project Management in a Box

If you're tasked with planning and managing a project, event or systems change in your business or workplace, and want to keep your finger on the control button, this project management guide is for you. It's packed with templates that will please the control freak within all of us.

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Training Program

Not sure of your project management skills or looking for project planning templates? Using real life examples, we’ll take you through an eight week program introducing you to project management tools, templates, strategies and case studies to reduce the risks of your project going wrong and to get the best results possible. Put your business, organisation or group front and centre in your community because you’re getting results.

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Tailored Services

Would you prefer to attend a face to face project management workshop?
Do you have a group of colleagues interested in a tailored program just for you?
Are you a new project manager looking for one-on-one support?
Are you managing a complex project and looking for a sounding board?
Is your project at risk of failure and are you looking for ways to turn things around?
If you answered YES to any of these questions then CONTACT US and find out how we can help you.

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Done For You Project Management

Have you got too much happening in your project and need help to develop the plan/manage? Are you faced with putting together a realistic plan with the right resources and tools to effectively manage the project? Project governance, communication and risk management must also be prioritised from the start.
We can assist with developing the project management and tools. We can even take the pressure away by managing the project with/for you. Our project management service is tailored to your project needs. Contact us with your specific needs today.

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Project management is a skill. It requires organisation, human resource, financial, negotiation and good communication skills amongst others.  It is a system with planning, monitoring and evaluation tools.  It is a vocation for people who enjoy pulling resource, people and ideas together to create something of value.

Discover the 7 principles of effective project management.

Get your free copy of our Project Management ebook now.

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We welcome stories from the community. We want to hear your story – and so do people like yourself who are looking for inspiration. If you have a success story that you’d like to share, contact us for an interview.


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