Project Evaluation

Are you managing a community project and not sure where to start with evaluation?
Do you want to know how well your project is travelling?
Have you ever been involved in a project and at the end you weren’t sure about the next step?
Did you ever get to the end of a project and wished you could have collected evidence and feedback to support your next project? 

Collecting data and evidence from projects is now an important key to securing government grants.  Open up funding guidelines and you’ll find questions asking for evidence of need. It’s not just about counting bum on seats.  How do you capture changes to attitudes, perceptions, confidence, behaviour?

How do you measure change?  It's time to take project evaluation seriously,  Let us help you to plan your evaluation so that you gather evidence of change right from the start.  Don't leave it until the last minute. Gather the best quality evidence.  You never know, it might lead to funding success for your next venture.

It’s time to take project evaluation seriously. 

Does this sound like you?

Have you delivered a project and at the end of it not collected enough evidence to support the next grant application?

You may have had to wait another twelve months - to the next funding round (collecting alternative data) before the next opportunity. There are a lot of missed chances because of the fundamental mistake of not developing and carrying out systematic evaluation of projects.

Evaluating community projects requires more thought and structure around getting qualitative data. Bums on seats is easy, but what about changes to attitudes, perceptions, behaviours etc?

Let us help you with your project evaluation? Before you leave the page, check out our free webinar on evaluating projects. We’ve got options to suit your needs.

I'm ready to evaluate