Essential Guide to Community Partnerships


Are you about to launch into a community partnership with one or more partners

Are you already in a partnership and something is not quite right, but you’re not sure what or how things came to this point

Or are you interested in how partnerships work?

In this book  you will learn:

 How to build a strong foundation so that your partnership survives the strongest of challenges

 How to identify the kind of partnership you are involved in and what community to expect from partners

 How to take things to the next level at a pace that partners are comfortable with

 How to use different partnership models to save dollars, build clients and increase your financial sustainability


Never again enter into a partnership with community stakeholders without understanding what could go wrong and why.
Plan your project or collaboration by recognising what kind of partnerships you are in and what are the strong foundations for success. How do you maintain commitment and participation without letting doubts and agenda take control?
This ebook will take you through a change management model and provide you with templates for all stages of partnership projects from idea through to completion. With this knowledge you will be able to control your involvement, plan more effectively, avoid pitfalls and steer your project to positive outcomes for all.

Pat Grosse hasn’t just worked with Partnership’s, she’s also been there and has worked for a partnerships of TEN large organisations.

Even the most successful partnership ventures can lead to disappointment for somebody, so be prepared. Before you sign up to your next partnership venture, read this guide, take whats relevant and apply to your circumstances.