Never get caught out by over estimating relationships with your project partners. Public/private, cross-sector, local partnerships, peer to peer - even the best community partnerships hit problems along the way.

What if you could predict whether a partnership was going to work or where problems might occur?  Yes predict. Imagine if you had a way to audit your partnership to identify where the weak links are so that you can put processes in place to considerably reduce risks of discontent or even project failure?

 What would the savings be by being able to avoid situations that create extra meetings to attempt to resolve problems?  What if you could avoid recriminations and bad feelings due to lack of communication or trust?

If you're about to start a partnership project or venture, don't assume all will be well. Invest in our Essential Partnerships Assessment Toolkit, use the analysis tools to avoid conflict, undue stress and major financial loss down the line. Get to know how partnerships work, figure out how compatible you really are and at least be on the same page from the start.


Nine Rules of Engagement for Community Partnerships

Nine Rules of Engagement for Community Partnerships

So you are planning to work with others for a community joint venture. Or you maybe considering working more closely with other groups to share resources and services. Everything seems fine at the start, but things can get complicated very quickly and you may end up disappointed or worse still, left holding the proverbial baby.

Here are nine steps that you should follow to reduce the risk of your community partnership falling over.

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Partnerships Roadmap

Partnership Roadmap

Partnership Roadmap

Over the years we have experienced partnership projects of all shapes and sizes. We have used observations from these experiences to create a partnership road map. We've used this road map for trouble shooting projects and for working with partners to put success measures in place right from the start.

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Partnerships Mentoring Program

Partnerships Mentoring Program

Utilise our expertise to guide you through your community partnership program. This is a popular service which helps to take the personalities out of an issue. Using our Partnerships Audit Tool to identify and addresses weaknesses in partnerships, we support project partners to address risks and incorporate strategies for success.

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