How to introduce information technology into your workplace

Two years ago I came across a business that had bought a set of iPads with a vision of using them for better record keeping and communication.  They threw them in the cupboard.   Nobody wanted to use them.  They didn’t know how to use them.  The employer had a workforce that was frightened – not just frightened about technology, but also about how it would impact on their jobs.  


Marketing Health Check

The world has changed. Your market has changed. What used to work doesn’t work anymore. Is this how you feel?
Know your market! We cannot stress this point enough. By knowing who your market is, you can tailor your campaigns to suit their needs and get your message to them in a way that they respond to. An example of this is in a recent campaign we did for an organisation which led to getting residents in the area out of their houses and into the centre. There had been recent local issues which discouraged them from being involved but by using creative imagery and an ‘old fashioned’ flyer drop in their letter boxes, we found that people were relating to the image, and that they enjoyed receiving information through the mail that was friendly, inviting and not a bill!

 Our offer to you is a marketing audit and consultation that will 
- review what you're already doing
- identify gaps in your strategy
- Improve your connection with your prospects
- convert prospects into action

Interested?  Contact Pat and Karen at The Community Entrepreneur for a marketing health check. This will include a review of your current marketing resources (online and off-line), a comprehensive one hour phone call and a report with a list of recommendations that you can put into place straight away.

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