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The Community Entrepreneur are expert grant writers, with over 25 years worth of experience on both sides of the funding fence, over 2 hemispheres. If you need help with grant writing, or have an idea and don’t know where to start, contact us now.

Would you like to improve your chances of success in winning grants, so that you can get your projects off the ground?  Does it seem fair that some organisations access funding time and time again, and others are not so lucky?

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Where to find grants in Australia eguide​

Welcome to the World of Grants

A whistle-stop tour of what’s available and where to look.

Wondered if there’s a grant out there for you and where to start?

Did you know there are at least ten different ways to source funding for your idea or project?

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To get you started, we've put together some FREE RESOURCES.  Let's start with a guide to what kinds of funds are available and where to find out more information NOW.  

Grant Sites Australia

So you've found a potential funder now what? Before you get started, check out our TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL GRANT SUBMISSIONS.

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Step up to the next level - learn from an expert

Would you like to have access to and learn from somebody who has brought in millions of dollars over the years for projects large and small?  Would you like them to guide you through your applications?  

Learn from an expert.  Pat Grosse has had continued success in writing successful funding applications over the last two decades.  She has not just written applications, she has also written guidelines, advised and assessed a variety of grants including capital investment, training, community and business development.  

Pat has worked with organisations to take their grant income to over a million dollars whilst supporting them to be able to manage the responsibilities associated with large grants.

What if you could use a sure fire set of templates to draft your application - templates that help you cover every aspect of your application?  Templates that keep you focused?  Templates that help you improve the quality of your application and increase the likelihood of success? Imagine the impact a successful grant application could have on your business or community?

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The Grant Winning Success Formula

Did you know, it takes just 90 minutes to become an awesome grant writer!  Seriously, just by listening to our 90 minute presentation.  

We’ve even got packages to support you through your first grant submissions, whether they be government grants, community grants or business grants. 

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