Ready to take your governance and planning to the next level?

You see opportunities.  You're passionate, just want to get things done.  So do others and before you know it you've got so many things happening for your organisation that you're probably beginning to lose focus.

Or have you been struggling of late, grasping for whatever funds come along, willing to shape what you do to get some short term financial stability?

Focus on your governance by examining your core Purpose and develop Vision, Mission and Values that actually mean something and are the heart of everything you do.  Use your strategic plan to position your organisation where it matters.

Not sure where to start?  We've helped transform organisations from near closure back to successful entities.  Let us take the emotion out of the problem to deliver effective resolutions.  We'll get you back on track and even more importantly, put you in a position to move forward with a plan, structure and focus.

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The Wisdom is in the Room

They say that the wisdom is in the room.  Never did this statement seem truer than what played out in a recent workshop I had the pleasure of facilitating.

We were asked by a client to run a planning workshop for an arts group that had been operating for over 20 years but was in danger of burn out. We were met with a group of cheery personalities, all clearly passionate about what they wanted to do but without a road map and destination.
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Five tell-tale signs your committee is heading for troubled waters – free ebook

Our FREE e-report based on real life experiences of committees that outwardly looked in-the-know and on top of the game, only to fall apart, some times in a blaze of glory, even going as far as dividing communities in the aftermath; situations which could have been avoided with afore-thought, robust policies and systems, and better accountability. If any of this reading seems to ring true with you, contact us for a free 20 minute appraisal.


Strategic Planning

Reach your destination with a clear vision and achievable goals. Steer your organisation or group into profitability and sustainable change. Without a plan, how do you know where you are going, how to get there and how to avoid time/money wasting distractions? Grow your viability, membership and visibility.

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Do you really know what the difference between governance and operation? What happens when a committee/board doesn't provide the leadership and communication required to set the direction for the organisation. Does your committee lack skills to take your plans to the next level? Do you have the right staff in place? 


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