Eat Local Thursday

Pennie Scott talks about Eat Local Thursday – connecting growers with local consumers

“We need prosperity.  The more people we have participating in our food growing systems, the more food secure we are”.

People in the Riverina are continually reminded that they live in the food bowl of Australia.  You can see glimpses of this in people’s food gardens, but on the commercial level, it is hard to source local foods easily.  Unless small scale producers have commercial outlets for their food, then monthly farmers markets are not often enough for them to put their time and effort into selling their goods locally.

Pennie’s vision is to make seasonal food more readily available to consumers on a local level, reducing dependence on food from supermarkets which may have been sourced elsewhere and not as fresh and nutritious.  She wants to see farmers and consumers become more self-sustainable, with 70% of food on the table grown and picked locally, bought at a fair price from local farmers.

Listen to her ambition to turn Eat Local Thursday into a movement and how you can get involved.