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Inspiring Community Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Community Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur always searchers for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity (Peter F Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Practice and Principles)

How true when you consider successful not-for-profits that are continually listening for change, and rather than fight it to extend the status quo, seek out the opportunities and get moving.  Change doesn’t stop them – They innovate and adapt.

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Listen to ordinary people who think entrepreneurial and are champions in their community.

Yackandandah World Record Bunting Success
Yackandandah Bunting

In November 2013, the Yackandandah community led by Judy Davis, entered the record books with a world breaking record of over 7kms of bunting, breaking the previous record of 4.71 kilometres. Although the record didnt last long, this achievement is a testament to the passion and determination of a small rural community punching above its weight. Find out how they did it….

 Yackandandah Community Education Network

Eat Local Thursday – The Bush Goddess

Riverina people having access to Riverina produce everyweek. The simple idea that led Pennie Scott to launch ‘Eat Local Thursday’ initiative that she is keen to roll out across Australia where by local communities purchase local fresh produce on Thursdays. Pennie is a strong advocate of locally grown food with benefits both for eaters and traders. Pennie’s vision is to grow this movement and put money back into the local community.  Find out more…