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Have you been in a meeting with a lot of positive energy, full of ideas, creativity and empowerment?  We love those kind of meetings.  In fact our clients tell us we create this energy and inspire them to step out of their comfort zones and become entrepreneurial.  We help them to become community entrepreneurs.

We are dedicated to improving the situation for our clients (whatever that situation may be) and work within organisations to identify the key issues, as well as work with them to put resolutions in place. We focus on developing the entrepreneurial thinking mindset.

We also mentor clients through periods of development and provide an objective viewpoint to events as they arise.

We treat these services as "commercial in-confidence".

We also have our serious side.  Our clients approach us for guidance about situations within their organisations and their communities, or they are looking for alternative interpretations of policy, standards or contractual requirements.

Entrepreneurial Thinking Mindset

What separates those who look for, and grab opportunities from those who let life pass them by?Are you someone who would like to .... but don't get around to it?Are you the one who starts things and then finds it all too hard, or lets that little voice in your head tell you you can't?Are you a go getter that gets things happening but then find you're doing all the work and that's not what you signed up for?Are you the 'lucky' one, the one people look toward and decide you must have had fortune on your side (you know the truth)? 

If you want to be successful in achieving your goals, or if you are ready to create change, read on.

Read our free blog post on entrepreneurial thinking.

Entrepreneurial Thinking Mentoring Program

Do you feel as though you’re on your own without support? Do you need a second voice to guide you in the right direction? This is for you if you are determined to make a difference and want somebody to mould you to think and act for success.

  • 6x monthly one on one mentoring session with Pat
  • Review and plan your goals through entrepreneurial thinking
  • Apply entrepreneurial thinking to your priorities to achieve your desired results
  • Track your progress and achievements
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Read our free blog post on entrepreneurial thinking.

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