Do you really know what your community needs?
When was the last time you asked them?
How well do you engage with other service providers and local government?
Is there room for improvement?

Community research is not just about researching perceptions and opinions, it’s also about doing the research around demographics, policy directions, forecasting competition and data.  Use this to inform your strategies, products, promotional activities, projections and systems. 

Community research is also a good opportunity to be seen to be connecting with your community. Its also a good way to find volunteers for your new activities.

We’ll work with you to plan, research and put together your business case for the next stage.

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When organisations approach us to carry out market or community research activities, one of the biggest challenge they face is that of relevance.  There's often a disconnect with what they are offering and what their clients expect.  There are others out there offering the same services with more attractive propositions.  Some are looking for opportunities to step into a leadership role in the community.  Many are looking for opportunities to focus on activities that will attract funding or generate income.  They know what needs to be done but don’t have the expertise or manpower to carry out the work.

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Business training needs

In 2015 the staff of The Community Entrepreneur carried out community research on behalf of three training providers to find out what businesses, agencies and local residents were looking for when it came to qualifications, training and business development.  Nearly 200 businesses were surveyed or interviewed as well as around 130 community members.  The results were consistent with some localised nuances. We were able to report back legitimate trends but more importantly, because we had opened the door between the training providers and business (and they didn't hold back with their feedback), we lit the touch paper of interest.  Clients reported a growth spike in enquiries and interest in their services.  

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