The Community Entrepreneur specialises in helping our clients to change their world through services such as:
  • Exploring ideas and turning them into projects that get funded
  • Building capacity so that they have the right systems, people and resources for success
  • Facilitating planning so they know where they want to be, how to get there and empowering them to own and work toward their strategic goals
  • Developing beneficial partnerships opportunities between community and business
  • business and marketing plans that support growth and get more people into programs and services
  • Measuring impacts of change
We work with clients who have big goals and are looking for inspiration. We stimulate entrepreneurial thinking within both individuals and organisations.

About us - The Community Entrepreneur®

About Us - The Community Entrepreneur

Through encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial thinking we:

  • redefine business and community
  • motivate creative thinkers to step outside of their everyday spaces to work on the business
  • work with the whole organisation to remove blockages and to create sustainable change.

Who Are We and What Are We Here For?

We are highly skilled community development and business professionals with a marketing and technology flavour. Our vision is to see the results of our actions through confident and life-changing results for communities. Our mission is to inspire and mentor forward-thinking innovators to succeed.


Not-For-Profit Services

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Business Services

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About Patricia Grosse - Founder of The Community Entrepreneur®

Having worked for ten years in a team charged with earning their salaries two years in advance in order to stayed employed, Pat has developed an entrepreneurial streak that she now uses to motivate not-for-profits to step outside of their everyday spaces and to think and plan to take their businesses to the next level. 

Pat worked for a leading provider of professional development programs in the UK for ten years before taking up a role in Australia where she held a white hat auditor role, monitoring not-for-profits for a funding body and seeking out opportunities to guide them through change.  In 2010, she stepped out of the role to use her skills to mentor and support organisations to adapt and grow.

Because she works with businesses as well as NFPs, Pat can translate working cultures and facilitate public/private partnership ventures. Pat's background in marketing also contributes to helping organisations pitch their proposals and attract new clients.

Pat has spoken to a variety of audiences, incorporating examples of client achievements to illustrate what they too can achieve.  Pat is also known as a million dollar grant writer by successfully working with clients to improve grants success. 

Examples of our work

Business Planning

Our strategic and business planning planning processes motivate and provide focus for boards and lead to living processes that are documented, monitored and even used to support submissions for funding.

“Your professionalism and knowledge of governance and strategic planning made it possible to develop a quality user friendly and workable document. I especially found your mentoring regarding business planning and governance invaluable” Fiona Fenton, Hume Murray Food Bowl

Systems and audits

Healthy systems reflect a healthy organisation.  We work with organisations to review internal processes and advise on quality improvements. Sound systems save time, money and distress by reducing the likelihood of fraud, human resource problems and compliance issues. Good practice frees up management to work more strategically.

We have also collected a library of templates, policies and procedures that we adapt to the specific needs of our clients.



We specialise in mentoring committees and managers to clarify and navigate organisational governance.

Our Executive Board has developed a strong relationship with Pat and her team; a relationship that has supported us through lean times and rapid growth. We have been able to smoothly navigate through changes to our constitution, redefining our strategic directions and improving our governance. As a peak body for multiculturalism, we take our role seriously and value Pats wealth of knowledge and know-how. Rozi Parisotto North East Multicultural Association

Community Research and Development

There’s nothing more gratifying than watching a new community initiative take shape and knowing we had a part in helping it get off the ground. We do this through market and community research, capacity building, online media, partnership development and finding the money.


Grant Writing

We have successfully generated millions of dollars worth of grants for clients ranging from $2000 up to $1m plus. Other measures of our success include:

  • taking clients from zero to million dollars plus in 18 months
  • a client receiving 60% more than they asked for in a highly competitive grant round
  • a project idea that went from strength to strength, attracting more than a million dollars worth of funding over five years
  • clients whose grants successes were promoted by parliamentary ministers
  • clients whose projects went on to receive awards.

We also train and mentor grant writers who get the benefit of support from an expert who's worked on both sides of the funding fence on two continents.

“Pat’s ability to take our concept, ideas and fit them with a suitable funding grant is exceptional. She understand our vision, organisation and always encourages us to look a further opportunities. Pat’s manner, understanding of people, organisation and funding requirements is a credit to her” Karen Marsh St John’s Village (Aged Care)
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