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Know where you're going and how to get there.  We provide expertise and assistance with strategy, planning, marketing, resource management and grant writing, so you can get on with the satisfaction of making a difference in the world. We bring the worlds of business and community together, guiding new not-for-profits and business owners, and improving the business and marketing skills of established clients. Generating millions of dollars worth of grant funding over the years, we have helped clients turn seeds of ideas into real life action. With the right mindset, we unlock entrepreneurial thinking, to turn your Vision into reality.

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Who Are Community Entrepreneurs?

Community entrepreneurs seek out and act upon opportunities to transform communities and create a positive impact on community values.Why this is different to social entrepreneurship is that many social entrepreneurship models focus on individuals and disadvantage. Community entrepreneurship focuses on the community as a whole and creates a sense of abundance for all.

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What you should know about researching the need, engaging with your target community, planning and managing projects, and keeping track of your success


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Go beyond talking heads. Find out how partnerships work and how you can plan to avoid conflict and keep your joint ventures on track.

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Services for website development, social media marketing as well as providing creative ways to improve your systems, marketing and staff development using technology.

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The Intuitive Marketer

The Intuitive Marketer helps businesses understand the rationale behind some of the most fundamental marketing principles to help make the right choices. It builds on the author’s experiences which include the highs of working with a market leader promoting the European Union in the ground breaking 1990s, and the lows of being three years into a business, realising the urgency to get back on top of marketing, fast. The book provides insights into:

  • When to start and manage marketing in your business
  • How to grow your marketing expertise without studying for an MBA
  • Where creativity gives your business the competitive edge
  • Why it is easier than ever before to build a product/service base and add great value
  • Shifting the money mindset to attract better quality customers
  • Harnessing technology to work for your business
  • Transforming a customer base into a community
  • Why you should go to great lengths to provide an outstanding customer experience
  • Despite what some people are saying, why offline marketing is definitely NOT dead and how it can be used to give your business the competitive edge.

This book will reveal how marketing techniques we take for granted today evolved as information technology became embedded in our psyche. Understanding where we’ve come from, not only helps us understand where we are today, it also helps us prepare for the innovations of tomorrow.


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