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We specialise in business solutions for community-based organisations that want to grow.   Get on-demand assistance with strategy, planning, marketing, resource management and grant writing, to position you for long term success.

Use our knowledge and expertise to grow your funding base, manage your organisation and free up time, resources and opportunity to turn your vision into reality.

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Who Are Community Entrepreneurs?

Community entrepreneurs are typically groups or organisations that seek out and act upon opportunities to transform communities and create a positive impact on community values.Why this is different to social entrepreneurship is that many social entrepreneurship models focus on individuals and disadvantage. Community entrepreneurship focuses on the community as a whole and creates a sense of abundance for all.

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Where Do You Want To Start?

Grants and Funding

Looking for a grant? Explore our grant finding resources here

Project Essentials

What you should know about researching the need, engaging with your target community, planning and managing projects, and keeping track of your success


What board and committee members should know about managing the organisation

News Room

Keep up to date with our articles, stories and features from the community, as well as events and webinars.

Quality Management Systems

Audit Proof your policies, processes and systems

About Us

The Community Entrepreneur - who we are, our mission and how to contact us


Go beyond talking heads. Find out how partnerships work and how you can plan to avoid conflict and keep your joint ventures on track.

Technology & Marketing

Services for website development, social media marketing as well as providing creative ways to improve your systems, marketing and staff development using technology.

Consulting & Mentoring

Talk to us about how we might be able to assist you to improve your services or business

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Hone your grant writing skills

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Entrepreneurial thinking - open minds attract opportunities

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The Community Entrepreneur Guides to Download

Browse through our library of FREE expert eGuides  designed for people like you

Learn new skills and discover new ways to be entrepreneurial in your community.  Be recognised as a community entrepreneur - seek, create and act on opportunities.  With the right skills, passionate everyday groups of people can develop and share skills to do extra-ordinary things with amazing achievements. . Let us know if you've got a story to tell.  Imagine what we can do with the skills we share.

If you're new to a committee, or even if you are an experienced committee, we've got you covered.  Check out our governance section or contact us about your planning, risk management, profile, induction or change management needs. We'll work with you to reach your goals.Come join us to build and share knowledge and skills that get communities recognised for all the right reasons.

 Through The Community Entrepreneur, we offer a range of expertise to help put you into the centre of your community.Our vision is to see the results of our actions through confident businesses and life-changing community activities.

Get That Grant - The Grant Writing Coaching School

(incorporating online self paced training program)


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